Sanford Lee Hill



          To work creatively in electronic media production.

          Highlights of Qualifications:

          1. Proven success in many areas of media production.

          2. Excellent upper management skills and experience.

          3. Extensive professional experience in producing, directing, script writing, editing,  

              website design,  camera operation, sound, and computer graphics.

          4. Strong practical and academic understanding of the psychological and

               cultural aspects of electronic media.        


           University of Hawaii, Manoa.                                                             2004-2006

           Graduated in May of 2006 with a BA in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program. 

           Majored in Critical Media Studies.


           1. Proposed and won approval for an interdisciplinary course of studies focusing

               on the  psychological, physical, cultural and social interaction of electronic mass

               media (television and computers) on humans.  

           2. Honor Student maintaining a 3.9 GPA in upper division courses, 3.5 GPA overall.

           3. Produced 3 short student films for the University of Hawaii, ACM.

4. Wrote a feature length screenplay for a Directed Studies course.

Maui Community College                                                                     1972-1974

           Received an AA degree from Maui Community College in 1974.  Honor Student.                                      

Professional Experience:

          Totally Digital Video & Photography                                      1999-current

          Owner of Totally Digital (see website at top of page). Totally Digital is a video and internet   

          production service company that uses state of the art digital equipment and software to  

          produce electronic media product.  Totally Digital has allowed me to work as a freelance

          producer, director, writer, videographer, and editor for other productions. 


          1. Designed and built a state of the art professional digital NLE facility.

          2. Worked as free lance videographer on different high end productions

               (Conventions, Kenny Logins, Jimmy Buffet, Willy Nelson concerts, etc.)

          3. Designed and produced web sites.

          4. Wrote and completely produced, directed, edited and shot "Illusions &

               Reality", a 14 min., video for TV & YOU.      

          StarCam Systems Inc.                                                                           1994-1997

          CEO, part owner and general manager of a small research and development    

          company located in the Maui Research and Development Center and later in

          Denver, CO.  Co-designed and filed for patent on a Super High Definition Motion

          Picture System. 

          Duties included management, fund raising, marketing, and public

          relations. web site design & production.  Researched and designed a post    

          production facility and film studio for a High Definition Imaging system.


          1. Raised $300,000. in start up capital and services.

          2. Secured contract from Ball Aerospace for backside thinned CCD chip development.

          3. Co-Filed a 50 page patent for High Definition camera and post production


          4. Oversaw filing of 20-page patent for a backside thinning process for CCD chips.

          5. Full page interview in Millimeter Magazine and other press.

       Chameleon Multimedia Inc.                                        1993-1995

          President, part owner and general manager of video production and postproduction

          company located in the Maui Research and Development Center. CMI was a high end

          industrial video production company specializing in infomercials, commercials,

          education and corporate videos as well as complete video production services. Duties

          included management, marketing, public relations, film development, post production

          facility design and operation as well as being the senior producer, director, editor,

          computer animator, and videographer for the company.


          1. Successfully wrote, optioned and put into pre production a feature length film.

          2. Developed building and technical plans for a state of the art film studio at the Maui

              Research  & Technology park.

          3. Produced, directed, wrote, edited and shot many different video projects.

          4. Founded and sold Chameleon Talent Agency (Still in business today)

          5. Interviewed for local, and state magazines and newspapers.

          SanHill Productions                                                                   1988-1993

          Owner and manager of an industrial video production company.  Designed and built an

          A/B roll, SVHS to MII editing bay utilizing the then new Video Toaster computer

          system. Produced, directed, wrote, shot and edited broadcast commercials, infomercials,

          educational and real estate videos.


          1. Created two 30 sec spots aired on Hawaii Broadcast networks.

          2. Created a 60 min. exercise video for Back-Care-Size.

          3. Created a comprehensive 35 min. real estate video for Hana Land Co.

          4. Shot primary video for pilot TV show “Island Beat”.

          5. Created a 22 min. real estate video, "Real Estate Maui Style".   

          GMT Studios Inc.                                                                                  1986-1987

          Worked in creative development, public relations, and sound stage management for

          this medium size film studio in L.A. Duties included working with studio executives in

          developing films and other projects, PR photography of major talent and productions

          being done at the studio. Managing the sounds stages for the studios and different

          high profile production companies.


          1. Worked with Ms. Lawford in developing the lost film library of Peter Lawford.

          2. Studio managed many high-end film productions, music videos, and commercials.

          3. Shot all public relation photos for the studios.

          4. Wrote two feature film scripts, “No Guts, No Glory” and “Just Below Paradise".

          Hana School and Library                                                                      1984-1986

          Worked full time for the State of Hawaii DOE operating and maintaining the 3/4 

          inch production facility at the Hana School and Library. Duties included education

          and training as well as video production and equipment maintenance.    

          Praise Communication                                                                         1982-1983

          Worked full time for Praise Communications operating and maintaining the 3/4 inch

          production facility on Oahu. Duties included all aspects of video production,

          equipment maintenance as well as being the senior videographer and editor.


            Directed, edited and shot “ Hawaii Your Way” 5 min. Diamond Head Tours infomercial

            Directed, edited and shot 30 sec. spots for Hickam Credit Union and Maui Carmel Corn.  

           KPBC Visitor Channel                                                                        1982

           Worked in all aspects of video production for KPBC cable channel (now Paradise



           Produced, Directed, shot and edited windsurf video “Ride my Seasaw”,  “Waterfalls of

           Maui”,  “Maui Golf Tips”, and other videos for KPBC.

           Edited “Wine, When and Where with Rap Riplinger.

           Shot portions of “Raps Maui”.

 Hana Lilikoi and Flower Co.                                                    1977-1982

           Co owner, general manager and developer of Hana Lilikoi Co, which became Hana

           Flower Co. in 1981.   This project started on a then remote 10 ac. piece of family land    

           above Hamoa, Maui.  It included road construction, farm dwelling construction, water 

           system construction, land clearing and crop plantings.  Originally planted in Passion fruit

           for Orchards Hawaii it was expanded to 22 acres in 1980 and planted in tropical flowers

           in 1981.

 Personal History

          I was born and raised on the windward side of Oahu.  I moved to Maui in 1971

          and have lived in worked in LA, CA and Boulder, CO. I am very creative and a self-starter

          I learn quickly and take responsibility for getting things done. I have good management and

          communication skills and can be very innovative.   I am also a good team player with leadership skills.


 Personal References: References, reel and press available on request




Highlights Of Professional Qualifications and Experience


Experienced in most aspects of video directing including working with talent, writers, camera,

lighting, crew and editors.

Sample of Director Credits;

“Modern Life” University of Hawaii, ACM. Post modern drama. 14 mins. 2005.

"The Only Way" Restaurant Conservation Specialists video, 15 mins. 1996.

"Back-care-size" rehabilitation exercise video l hr. 1993

"Maui Rocks" 98 Rock & "Drive Time" KMVI 30 sec. Broadcast spots. 1992

"L,A. DAY" Los Angels Magazine show. 22 mins. 1986.

"Hawaii, Your Way" Diamond Head Tour 's Promotional video, 5 min. 1983.



Experienced in most aspects of video producing including budgeting, contracts,

permits, locations, accounting and procuring talent, crew, equipment and facilities.

Sample of Producer Credits;

"Illusion & Reality" TV & you video, 14 mins. 2000

"Door Step Dinning" 30 sec. Commercial spot. 1996

"Golden Pacific Studios" Sound stage promotional video, 7 mins. 1994

"Real Estate Maui Style" Real Estate infomercial. 22 mins.1993

"Pieces of Paradise" Rosewood Corp. Promo video 33 mins. 1989

Waterfalls of Maui" KPBC? Visitor Channel program. 5 mins. 1982.



Experienced in most aspects of film and video writing including creative development,

commercials, and music videos.  Currently writing on Final Draft 7 software.

            Sample of Writing Credits;

            “Da Pole” Low budget feature film currently being shopped.  90 mins. 2005

            "No Guts, No Glory!" Feature Film optioned in 1995., 115 mins. 1985

            "Just Below Paradise" Big budget Feature Film being shopped. 115 mins. 1986.

             "The Only Way" Restaurant Conservation Specialists video, 15 mins. 1996.

             "Maui Rocks" 98 Rock & "Drive Time" KMVI 30 sec. Broadcast spots. 1992


Experienced in most aspects of linear and non linear editing including layering,

graphics, 3D perspective, computer animation, sound, and EDL.  Windows or Mac.

Currently editing on Mac G5 with Final Cut Pro HD, After Effects. Bias Peak, Maya, and DVD Pro.    

Sample of Editing Credits;

            “Maui Blues” University of Hawaii, ACM. Music video, 5 mins, 2005

"Illusion & Reality" TV & you video, 14 mins. 2000.

"The Only Way" Restaurant Conservation Specialists video, 15mins. 1996.

"Iniki, One Year Later" Documentary on Hurricane Iniki, 1 Hr. 1994.

"L,A. DAY" Los Angels Magazine show. 22 mins. 1986.

"Hawaii, Your Way" Diamond Head Tour 's Promotional video, 5 min. 1983.

"Maui Dinning Guild with Rap Riplinger"? KPBC? Visitor Channel, 22 mins. 1983


Experienced in most aspects of videography including camera setup, hand held, long

Lens, multi-camera and helicopter camera operation for commercials, Concerts, TV shows,

videos, music videos, conventions and industrial videos.

Sample of Videographer Credits;

“Willy Nelson/ Willy K.” live broadcast concert. Hand-held, Multi-camera, 2004.

"7up Convention and Kenny Logins concert". Long lens, Multi-camera. 2000

"Dr. Pepper Convention and Jimmy Buffet concert". Long lens, multi-camera 2000.

"Kathy Ireland's swimsuit video" EFP, Hand held, 1996

"Digisoft" Promotional computer video. 1995

"Island Beat" Travel show pilot. EFP, Hand held, helicopter. 30 min 1993.


Experienced in most aspects of photography including 35mm, 6x7, and digital

format cameras.  Experience in fashion, film production stills, Public relations,

nature and moonlight photography.  Currently editing with Photoshop 8.

Sample of Photography Credits;

"Paradise By Moonlight" Popular Photography feature, 5 pages 1981.

"Maui on My? Mind ' Coffee table book. Photo. 1982

"GMT Studios" Senior Soundstage photographer 1986-1987

"Pizza Quik" Production Stills for a Stan Freeburg 30 sec spots. 1987

"Paradise By Moonlight show" Lahaina Art Society & Glassman Gallery. 1992 .

Website Design

Experienced in most aspects of website design including page layout, hyperlink, layers

tables, video and images and website uplink/downlink.  Currently designing on Mac G5

with Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Fugu and Photoshop 8.

Sample of website design.

University of Hawaii student site. 40 pages.  2005

“Totally Digital” commercial site. 50 pages.

“Starcam Systems” commercial site. 25 pages.  1995.

Business Management

Experienced in most aspects of business management including business development and

planning, fund raising, public relations, legal affairs, IT, personnel management, advertising,

budgeting, project management, and upper management.

Sample of  business management;

Owner/operator of  Totally Digital electronic media production company.  1999-current

CEO of StarCam Systems, Inc. research & development company 1995-1997.

President of Chameleon Multimedia Inc. video production company 1993-1995.

Creative development and soundstage management for GMT Studios, LA. 1986-1988

Owner/operator of SanHill Productions video production company 1988-1995.

Real Estate agent for ERA Maui Reality. Multimillions in sales & listings 1989-1992.

Owner/Operator of Hana Tropical Farm. 1977-1982.