Photography Portfolios

One of the first photographers to perfect using color film at night using only moonlight, Mr. Hill work was first published in a 5 page Popular Photography feature in July 1982. His 20 piece collection of moonlight photos of Hana Maui, "Paradise By Moonlight", has had nine gallery showings. He has also done photography for books, magazines, and fashion. From 1986 to 1987 he was the senior PR photographer for GMT Studios, as well as, a production still photographer.

For more information on custom gallery quality enlargements see (contact).  All photographs are the copyrighted property of Sanford l. Hill and may not be used without written consent.

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These spectacular photos of the magical coastline of Hana, Maui on moonlite nights were ground breaking in the mid 1970's.   The seascapes capture the tropical romance, rugged energy and exotic diversity of this paradise before it became famous. All the light for these photos comes entirely from the moon. The editor of Popular Photography wrote "His photography attest to his mastery of an esoteric corner of the craft" in a 5 page feature on this collection in 1982 (see article).   These photos are 3 to 15 minute time exposures and not digitally enhanced.   This collection, Paradise By Moonlight" took 10 years to complete. Originals are 6x7cm.

"MoonDance" is a collection of photographs that captures, for the first time, people playing in the tropical moonlight of Maui, Hawaii. Because of the long exposure times, incorporating people in photos using moonlight proved challenging. Many of these photographs use only moonlight, while others blend fill flash and other sources of light, with moonlight. Time exposures allows people to move in and out of a scene which can vary their density. This opened up creative possibilities not available in normal photography. None of these photos are double exposures or digitally enhanced. All of the originals are 6x7cm transparencies

In 1986, Sanford moved from Hana, Maui to Hollywood to work in creative development and sound stage management at GMT Studios for a few years. In addition he was the senior PR photographer for GMT and did production stills for companies using GMT sound stages. This portfolio contains production stills from: CBS movie "Smoky Mountain Christmas" starring Dolly Parton; ABC movie "Six Against The Rock" starring David Caridein, Howard Heisman, David Moris and other:, TV show "Dallas"; TV show "LA Comedy"; Game Show "Lingo" pilot; and Playboy Channel's "Centerfold of the Year".

In addition to working on TV programs, Sanford worked on, and did production stills, for many national commercials shot at GMT Studios. Shooting photos on a sound stage requires special talents and the ability to use the same film used in the production to match the lighting. This portfolio contains production still from some of those commercials including: Hyatt Maui's swan spot; McDonald's Halloween spot; Nescafe's Ice Coffee spot; Taco Bells Christmas spot; Lockheed Martin's white elephant spot; Sears summer kids spot; Pure Wool's fall fashion spot; and Daisy sour cream's cat spot.

GMT Studios is well known as a great place to shoot national music videos. Production stills in this portfolio are from some of music videos Sanford worked on while at GMT. All these videos where on heavy rotation on MTV in 1986-87 and can still be seen on VH1 today. Music Videos in this portfolio include: Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again" video; The Commodores 'Going To The Bank" Video; Shalamar's "Kiss" video; Heart's "Alone" Video: Stevie Wonders"Castles in the Sand" video; Patti Smyth's "Downtown Train" video; The Wispers "Rock Steady" video; Chicago's "Future Shock" video; as well as shots from Seawind in concert.

From the mid 70's to mid 80's, Sanford did a number of fashion shoots on both Oahu and Maui. These assignments where mostly for Rochelle Salzer's fashion line "Kaleinanionalani". These photographs include both location and fashion show shoots. This portfolio includes: Location shoots on Oahu and in Hana, Maui for Rochelle's line; A Kaanapali Beach Resort fashion show for Rochelle's line; A Fashion show the "Chocolates For Breakfast" Store on Oahu featuring one of Hawaii's top models, Lei Ma.

This portfolio, entitled "Maui Style" is an eclectic mix of four different photo essays that capture different aspects of Maui life. The first, shot for "Guide to Maui" follows two tourist girls as they discover Maui. The second, shot for Kaleinanionalani fashion, is of Maui girl Lisa Kiley playing in Hana. The third is a fantasy shoot at the Grand Wailea hotel and the last is of the Woo family sisters and brother shot in Huelo, Maui. Each essay reflects the diversity of life on Maui. The essays where done over a twenty two year period. The Woos were shot in the mid 1970's, Lisa and the Tourist Girls where shot in the 1980's and the Grand Wailea in the 1990s.

In1996, Sanford spent many months exploring and photographing the majestic scenery of the American South West. The photos come from the perspective of person who was born, raised and lived most of his life in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii. The colors, textures, lighting and vast expanses of land brought forth a whole new palette to work with. This portfolio contains photos from Brice National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Masa Verte National Park, Rocky Mountain national park and Aspen Colorado. Like his moonlight seascapes, these daytime landscapes are timeless.

In the early 1970's Maui was still an undiscovered paradise. One could get a cabin for 3 nights in Haleakala crater just by calling the ranger station. This last portfolio contains some of Sanford's first photographs from Maui taken for a photography class at Maui Community College. The photos where taken over many trips into Haleakala crater. There are rare shots from difficult to reach ridges as well as photos of endangered Nene geese and Silversword plants. These photos give a glimpse into the past and the beginning of a creative gift that will last a lifetime.

In 1977, the extended communities of East Maui, from Nahiku to Kipahulu, came together to form a Hawaiian outrigger racing canoe club called the Hana Canoe Club. Everyone was welcome to join, and the canoe club soon became one of the centers of activity and social life in Hana. For a brand new club they did very well racing in outrigger canoe regattas across Maui. They consistently beating many of the older, larger, Maui outrigger canoe clubs. On February 11 1979, the heart of the Hana Canoe Club was ripped out when five members were lost at sea in the "Sara Joe" tragedy. This Photo essay is dedicated to the crew of the Sara Joe.