Video Portfolio

 Video production has changed dramatically since Sanford's first professional video was aired 24 years ago. Yet professional video production remains a collaborative art and can only be learned from experience. Sanford's professional experience in most areas of commercial video production is a valuable asset in this tricky, fast paced profession. Understanding the complex technical and personal interaction necessary to produce a quality product, within budget, is essential. Teamwork, creativity, time management and technical skills are proven with each new production.

The videos below are just a small sample of Sanford's work, much of which has been lost to time and technical innovation (try find a MII VTR today). The videos have been compressed for internet downloading which also degrades their quality somewhat. You will need a Quicktime player. All are the copyrighted property of Sanford l. Hill, or others, and may not be used without written consent.

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Totally Digital Hawaii Video
This video was created in 2000 as a reel for Totally Digital Video, which became Totally Digital Hawaii. It highlights the history and philosophy of Sanford's video, film and photographic experience over the last 20 years. All video, photography and 3D animation was done by Sanford who also wrote, directed, and edited the video. A few new scenes and graphics were added in 2005, but the message of creativity, experience and customer satisfaction remain the same. This is the same video that can be downloaded from the home page. 6.5 min. 23mb download
Corporate Videos

This video, done in 1993, was the corporate video for Chameleon Multimedia. Sanford was president of the corporation and senior writer, director, producer, editor, videographer and computer animator. He wrote, directed and edited this video. He also designed the cutting edge editing bay that used the, then new, "Video Toaster" computer. This was the beginning of the change to from analog to digital video production. 9min, 33mb. download.

This video, done in 1995, was the corporate video of Golden Pacific Studios, which Sanford was CEO. This project was to build the first completely digital sound stage. The 30,000 sq. ft. structure would also house StarCam Systems super high resolution digital motion picture camera research, as well as, Chameleon Multimedia's digital editing facilities. This video shows how far ahead of his time Sanford's thinking was in 1995. 11 min., 43mb .

Real Estate Videos

Sanford was a pioneer in real estate videos, producing his first in 1982. Though out the years he has perfected both long and short form videos that help real estate companies increased sales. This video was produced in 1995 by CMI for a group of realtors marketing Maui properties on the mainland. The video markets both Maui and Maui properties, some of which were listed by Sanford as an agent for ERA Maui Real Estate. Sanford Directed,edited, shot co-wrote and co-produced this video. 23min. 90mb.

This is Sanford's first long form real estate video produced for Hana Real Estate Co., part of Rosewood corporation, in 1986. This ground breaking video not only shows the company listings, but gives the viewer a positive image of, then unknown, Hana, Maui. The video was produced, directed, written, edited and shot by Sanford and contains some footage of Hana that is now historical. This download is from a vhs dub. 20 min. 77.5mb
30 Second Commercials

This 30 second TV spot was produced in 1992 for Maui radio station "98 Rock fm", which was also heard on Oahu. The commercial was co-produced by SanHill Productions and written, directed, edited and shot by Sanford. This low budget spot was popular enough to air, off and on, for a year on different Oahu Broadcast stations in prime time. It used the emerging Maui lifestyle to capture Oahu viewers. 30 sec. 3mb download.

This 30 sec commercial was also produced for a Maui radio station, heard on Oahu, in 1992. "KMVI55 am" carried a contemporary pop and Hawaiian music format. Sanford also wrote, directed, edited and shot this spot, some of which involved shooting a stunt plane from a helicopter. This commercial also played off and on, for a year on different Oahu Broadcast stations in prime time. 30sec. 3mb download

This 30sec spot was produced by Chameleon Multimedia for Door Step Dinning, a company that brings different Maui restaurant food to both residents and tourist. It was written, directed, edited and shot by Sanford. The commercial was fun and increased the sales and popularity of Door Step Dinning. It was aired on different network cable shows shown throughout Maui. 30sec. 3mb download.

Educational Videos
This Video was produced by Totally Digital Hawaii for TV and You as an experiment in electronic media education in 2000. It was written, directed, edited and shot by Sanford. The video played on Maui cable access for many years. It was designed to get people to think about their TV viewing habits as they watch television. It is also available for media education in schools. Unfortunately, TV and You no long exist. 13 min. 50mb download

This video was produced for Restaurant Conservation Specialist by Chameleon Multimedia in 1995. Ahead of it's time, the video is used to educate restaurant workers about then need to conserve and recycle in the workplace. The video was written, directed, edited and shot by Sanford. The video related how environmental problems affect everyone and how little change in how they worked could make a difference. The video was well received by both management and workers. 15mins, 58mb download

Rap Reiplinger
In 1982, Sanford worked as a producer, director, writer, videographer and editor for the new KPBC visitor channel on Maui. He produced videos on windsurfing, golf, Maui waterfalls and other productions that ran for years on KPBC. He worked on Emmy award winning comedian Rap Reiplinger's last programs produced by KBPC. This is a rare copy of "Rap's Maui" which includes segments Sanford shot or edited. He was greatly affected, both personally and professionally by Rap's untimely death. 20 min. 84mb
Maui Blues on the Road Less Traveled
This 2004 short student film was done for a ACM class at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. The assignment was to do a personal film. I had presently move from Maui to Oahu to attend UH and really missed Maui. Most of the video in this film is from my stock footage obtained through 20 years of professional work in Hawaii. This short is on myspace and youtube 4.15 mins, 15 mb.