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"Da Pole" is a wild black comedy about the changes that occur when a sinister, giant, antenna pole invades a peaceful plantation camp in rural Maui and opens the Pandora's box of modern electronic communication. It is a hilarious, but sobering look at how technology changes people and their communities. This is written as a very low budget film.

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"No Guts, No Glory" is an exciting love story with a spiritual twist set between the fast paced world of professional surfing and the enchanting myth of "heavenly" Hana, Maui. It explores the gray area between the urban, hip-hop lifestyle of modern Honolulu and the traditional culture of the Hawaiian Christian community were "love your brother" is the main commandment. This script was written in 1985 and rewritten in 1995 when it was optioned and put into pre-production by Pipeline Productions. The film was canceled for financial reasons.

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"JUST BELOW PARADISE" is an original tale of two young Maui men who discover a ancient Mu space base and must help the awakened Mutian woman save the humans from their old enemies, the Atlantians. This is a "edge of your seat" popcorn film with flying saucers, genitic warriors and a great love story. It is the second film of a trilogy that explaines the relationship between Atlantis, Mu and human evolution. Would also make a great video game.

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"Modern Life" is a post-modern look at the schizophrenia and pastiche of modern life with 20/20 hindsight. In classic postmodern style, the film is centreless and mixes the ordinary with the extraordinary.   Set in urban Honolulu, it shows how not paying attention to what really matters can have life altering consequences as a welfare worker tries to find out why the Wolf came to the door and shot him.   In Modern Life there are no real winners, just people chasing illusions who are lucky to get fireworks in the end. Student film produced in 2004.

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"Illusion & Reality" is a hard hitting techno documentary on the affects of television on our minds, culture and society.   Watching TV is not the same after seeing this video.   It uses modern commercial visual techniques to motivate people to get off the couch and experiance life by exposing TV for what it really is.   The video has played for many years on Maui's public access channel.

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